Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A few recent adventures

Here are a few more pictures of Matt from the past couple weeks. So cute!

And here are some of Ellie's recent adventures:

Yes, adventures with the highlighter. I was out of my office for no more than three minutes. When I came back, Ellie had climbed up on my desk, found the blue highlighter at the very back of it, and taken it to the floor for some experimentation.

The pool picture is Ellie and Claire Jensen. I finally captured a few photos of these pool buddies. Dani and I have been taking her twins and Ellie to the pool every week all summer, and we just realized that we don't have any pictures of these cute kiddos swimming in Nana's pool! We're always in the pool with them! So on a warm September evening when Mom was in town, and the Jensens were wonderful enough to have us for dinner and swimming, I captured a few photos to represent our favorite part of summer.

And here's how some tired parents spent part of General Conference. As has become tradition, we had Monica and Jon Gibson over for the weekend. Six months ago we both had toddlers. Now we have a toddler and newborn, and the Gibsons have a toddler and one in utero. So, yeah, fatigue is pretty much the standard these days. I snuck a photo of Rob while he was sleeping, and he retaliated by getting a photo of the rest of us later. Good thing we recorded all the sessions!

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KHH said...

zzzzzzzzz!!!You guys aren't just dozing, you are wiped out.Oh, the joys of parenthood.