Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This One Goes Out to Grammie

I was just talking to Grammie on the phone, and she reminded me that since I haven't posted on any blogs lately, she has no idea what Tessa looks like these days! So in the interest of showing off my adorable kids, here are some recent photos. Tess, by the way, is a dream infant. In her first year, we've taken her to Salt Lake, California, Kansas City, and Barcelona. Hey, have baby will travel. She must be destined to be a world traveler, because she easily adapts to long airplane flights and changing time zones!
Mom and Tess at a train station in Spain.  More Barcelona pictures on my teamlesan blog.
Fast asleep...in Newport Beach.
Newport Beach temple (Rob and I were there for a friend's wedding).
My favorite picture of Tess in California.  Delightful little child enjoying a restaurant with us.
Here's Matt at the playground a few weeks ago.  Yes, he put his hat that way by himself.

 We've been trying to spend as much time as possible at various pools this summer because, well, what better thing to do in the summer?  Here's a snapshot of Matt last week.
 We also have a water play table on our deck.  It's been a big hit.
Even Tess gets in on the water play table action!

 Ellie at preschool, photographing me while I photograph her.  Precocious.
 Ellie with her preschool teachers.  The ribbon t-shirt is courtesy of Grammie and Pops, straight from one of the numerous Zara stores on Placa Catalunya.  Thanks, Grammie and Pops!

Different day, same shirt:  Ellie at the zoo, bravely petting the goat.  You go, girl!

 Here's Spence holding Tess at Joseph's graduation from law school.  Awww...
Okay, I know he's not MY kiddo exactly, but I had to slip this one in - Owen in Joseph's graduation cap, as we packed up the last remnants of their apartment and loaded them into the Subaru.  Note Jenni's amazing vacuum packs in the background...

Into the sunset.  I snapped this as we walked toward our car on a zoo day.  Sun starting to fade, gorgeous weather, happy kids...doesn't get better than this!

Your turns!  I want to see pictures of everyone else's kids now!  xoxo


Lizzie said...

Thanks for the pics! I need more pics of your kiddos in my life.

KHH said...

OHHHHHHHHHHH! So cute. I love all that you do with your kiddoes and that Tess is such a good traveler.