Monday, January 7, 2008

lunch at the MOA

Hallelujah. for. family. *Jose and I had lunch today at the MOA. It was such a relief to know that amidst the overwhelming (to a new BYUer) scurry of the Ants to the Mother Hole, 11am lunch with someone familiar and wonderful was happening. Truly. Jos and I sat at the MOA cafe (my first time, mind you) and laughed at BYU's own idiosyncracies and filled each other in on the happening of our new homes: Jose working for the Democrats (a little excitement from the fellow family Democrat), Jenni having her first full week back at work since early December, and me and my hermanas roommates. It was a great hour, and I just have to say that we really do have the greatest family.

*many a thanks to Jose for the inspiration of this post.


sami said...

Ali I love you! We do have the best family. I am glad that you could have lunch with someone familiar. Remember when we all went to lunch there? I think it was Andrew, Joseph, Lizzie, Chloe, Rachel, Grammie, you and me. Does anyone else remember? That was fun.

Pops said...

Agreed! xoxkhh

A. said...

Um, I' had never been to the MOA before Monday. I don't know how I missed out on the apparent family get together there, but lunch with Jose at the MOA was my first. So sorry.