Monday, January 7, 2008

post Christmas fun

Posted by Lizzie & JT Davis
January 7, 2008

After the Pocono's Christmas extravaganza . . .Mom, Dad, Joseph, Jenni, and Spencer's flights out of Newark airport got cancelled (this isn't the fun part). The fun part is that they were able to come into New York City and spend an evening at our apartment and walking around our neighborhood! We went to dinner at my favorite Thai restaurant and walked around Wall Street past the NY Stock Exchange. It was super fun for us to have so many family members visiting at one time! We love visitors, especially when it's family. Remember, as long as we're here you have a place to stay in New York City!

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Pops said...

It just goes to show that you never know when a magic visit is going to happen. Planned visits keep us going though. Like, fortunately we know when Chloe and Sami are coming back to SLC. We can't wait! Rumor has it that Ali will be home that weekend too! xoxoxkhh