Sunday, April 10, 2011

Holly 3 Minute Airport Visit

We love seeing Holly, Ada and Annie and the grandkids!
We got to go see Holly and baby Tessa for a couple of minutes, and got to visit and hug before she was off to a wedding. We love our family!


Lizzie said...

So glad you all got to see each other!!!

Holly said...

It was so fun! I can't believe we actually pulled it off! Best 3 minutes ever. Love love love!

home at 1194 said...

remember the trip to south padre island in the van (who's van was that anyway?)...this is the next generation! look at all those cute kids!! how many? and who do they all belong to? (thats what we used to say when we had all of you sprawled all over the back of the van!)..good memories.. Holly I'm so sorry i missed the 3 min. visit! baby Tessa is Adorable! so glad you all got together! xo