Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy 63rd Anniversary!

Grammie and Grandad celebrated their 63rd anniversary with all of us!  What a special night - spent together in the temple.  Lori joked that Grammie sure knows how to throw her own party! It was complete with a delicious 7-layer dip, Texas moist cake, and root beet floats.  We love you Grammie Doll and Daddy O.  We are all so glad that you made the righteous choice to marry in the temple... 63 years ago! 


Regan said...

Happy anniversary!! Love you guys and miss you!

Lizzie said...

Happy Anniversary! Love you so much!

Holly said...

Gorgeous pictures! Thanks for posting! We were missing you all SO MUCH. Missing you a bushel and a peck. Love love love!

KHH said...

63 YEARS!! 26 grandchildren!
29 great-grandchildren!
You have truly been GRAND parents!!


Ali said...

I so wish we could have been there! Love you!

deemom said...

OH how we miss the Hansen's we knew them in the RIchardson 1st ward and the Plano 9th ward..... WE Love their great stories and their awesome Christian attitudes..... LOVE the Whitlark's (David and dee)